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NBA Betting System

Betting in the NBA can be very predictable if one adopts the right system. Betting systems is not new in major leagues, but not all punters use these systems because it requires patience and foresight. Expert punters devise their own system that they think will give them the most returns, while other punters make their own system as a way of having fun out of basketball betting. Knowing some of the best NBA betting systems will go a long in helping you become a good sports punter.

Percentage Based NBA Betting System

One of the easiest NBA betting systems that all punters can use is based on the winning percentage of teams. In this system, get the difference between the winning percentages of the two teams, drop the decimals, and divide the number by 20. This will give you the initial point spread where you can play your bets.

For example, if the Los Angeles Lakers have a winning percentage of .700, and the Denver Nuggets have a winning percentage of .300. the difference is .400. Dropping the decimals (400) and dividing the number by 20, we have an initial point spread of 20 points.

From the initial point spread we make a play of three points on homecourt advantage, so if the Lakers are playing at home the end point spread is -23, and if the Lakers are on the road the end point spread is -17.

Use the end point spread and subtract it from the point spread given by lines makers. If the difference is more than ten points then you can make a play for the wager. If the difference is less than ten points, you do not make a play and pass on the wager.

For example if the point spread from lines makers is Lakers -11 at home, subtract 23 from 11 to get 12. Since the final number is above 10 points, then you can back the Lakers for the given spread. If the point spread from lines makers is -14 at home, then the difference is less then 10 (23 – 14) points and there would be no play.

This system only works under the usual game circumstance. If there is an injury to a key player, or if one teams plays on the second night of the back-to-back, this system may not work. This is one of the NBA tips that can work well for punters who are in it for the long haul.

Types of NBA Basketball Bets

Punting is an interesting “sport” since punters can bet on a variety of bets and wager on different aspects of a game. NBA Bets include common point spread, moneyline, and over/under totals. Other types of NBA bets include NBA futures, prop bets and statistical lines. Punters also have the option to bet on specific game halves and quarters. Online sports betting sites has a lot of NBA tips and provide real-time NBA scores so that punters can bet as the game goes on.

The most fun betting lines for true fans are prop bets. Known to some as side bets, prop bets are likened to fantasy betting where wagers are based on a player or team hitting a statistical milestone in the game. Some of the most popular prop bets include race to 20 points, team with the highest scoring quarter, odd/even game total, odd/even team total, and highest scoring quarters.

Futures Betting NBA Tips

NBA Futures betting is a wager based on the probability of a team winning the NBA championship. For some experienced punters this bet is very difficult to win and is played more for fun than anything. Most punters betting in the NBA basically back their favourite team as a show of support rather than seriously winning the actual bet. To grab futures on Basketball as well as other sports visit the sport info page at

NBA Futures betting can also give you a very large payout if you happen to pick a dark horse team. For example the Cleveland Cavaliers went from 30-1 favourites to one of the top three teams in the league. The odds for the Cavaliers moved from 30-1 at the start of the season to 3-1 in the Eastern Conference Finals. Punters who picked the Cavs earlier could have sold their future ticket at a cheaper price than Vegas and still earn a profit.

You can also make quick NBA futures bets online. All you need to do is view the futures odd for each team and pick a team that you think give you good odds of winning. Many punters will acknowledge that there is no team in the NBA that can be considered sole favourites today, and since games have to be played, even picking the team with the best odds is not a sure thing. But that does not stop other punters from trying.

Moneyline Betting Tips

Online sportsbooks offers moneyline betting for NBA games. This kind of betting assumes that a winner and a loser regardless of the score. So all the punter has to do is pick a winner for the game. If you are right, then you get to keep your wager and your winnings. Unlike point spread bets, moneyline bets are given a probability handicap. You may have to bet more for the favourite to get the same amount of winnings as betting for the underdog. If you are backing a favourite, you are essentially betting for a secure win with the prospect of losing big.

There are just some of the most common bets in the NBA. Several online sports betting websites offer NBA tips and picks to help punters make the smart bets. If you are a new punter, try point spread bets first. Once you understand how the system works you can move on to other forms of NBA betting.

Punting on the NBA will bring more excitement when you watch NBA games. Knowing that you have money at stake when you watch a game makes you more invested with it. NBA punting is also a great way to support your team while giving yourself the chance to earn money.